Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A Trip Under the Sea!

The kids, Steph and I took a trip down to the Aquarium. The kids were so excited!!

When we first got there, there were all these bubbles in the air, kids probably would have been happy just staying and playing in the bubbles all day.

We had such a good day, but there were definitely some highlights. One of our favorite parts was feeding and petting the sting rays. Kaydra was the only brave one to feed them and Deker pretty much just wanted to splash in the water but they were so fun like little puppy dogs wanting to be pet.

This was Drakes highlight of the day, seeing Sharks. He thought they were "so cool"


And of course the girls's highlight was the Mermaids. They put on a little 20 min show and then let the girls take pictures with them. Brooklyn was in Heaven.

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